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  1. @Paul & @Tyson thanks for the sharing. Tyson's way will make our form an additional value of $0 because my hosting packages are priced between the Location. Paul's Way I'm using it but it's not really optimal, it makes the list in my order form long out. I hope Paul you will develop this feature, I just want to have an option for my clients in the order form like that will easily give them a lot more. Thanks again!

  2. 1 hour ago, Lampard said:

    @Jawanet won't do anything, the guy is not even updating his own themes, just few days ago i purchased one of his theme which was completely different from demo and had LOADs of bugs. Tried hiring developers for that but all of them said that it has so much messy code that they would rather prefer making new from scratch than fixing its bug. I asked him for refund but he says his terms of service has no refund allowed.


    I also have an experience like you but I hope he's still interested in the user. I think these admin components are thoroughly moderated. @Lampard I have also customized a lot on that interface, if you need more exchanges then can touch me. @Jawanet Act away if you don't want us to see you as a hoax.

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