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Today I've been sorting a social network section and ready for expansion (new database table).  I've also sorted the mobile views and fixed the Add user page on the admin area.


My Account:





Username: Your username.

Client Groups: Your client group on Blesta.

User title: Member title / User title you set.

Customer since: The date you joined the Blesta installation as a client.

Twitter / Facebook: These sections show up if there's a setting value. It links to the facebook / twitter profiles.

Status: This is shown to just staff, it's the status of the client account ( Active: Green / Inactive: Orange / Fraud: Red )


Users who have an account:



Add Users via Admin (This is good if you are adding staff users to a client account):



Please note the admin area won't really be needed soon when staff don't need a client account, and they can just create an account and then link it up to their admin account via the frontend.


3rd March update:

You can now hide your signature when you post a thread or comment:





Huge thank you to @dweiruk for helping me test the Alpha and helping me crunch a few bugs on the user side ready for the beta.

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The last update before the Beta opens :D

After our Alpha testers @dweiruk @Michael Foland with Callum and myself we have finally got the last Alpha out of the way.


New Client profiles:


We've now moved the social networks to the right and made the activity section smaller as you can add quiet a few networks now.

New Postbits:


Now we have re-vamped the post bits to make them much cleaner and modern.

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On 06/03/2018 at 11:07 PM, Paul said:

Looooooooooking good Mike. :blesta:

Thanks mate just got the final pre-beta there just need to do the licensing and we'll get it into Beta.

Video: https://screencast.com/t/bPUY7yFIj6

You can now see a breadcrumb on every forum thread so you go back to the forum thread list or the home page.

I've also fixed the linking staff account.

See it in the Blesta themes: https://screencast.com/t/u2iVjMYkokxx

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On 3/15/2018 at 1:35 PM, BlestaStore said:

Before we launch the beta we're just doing the final check overs to ensure everything is working in a live environment feel free if you are a customer to create your forum account and get in with the action: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/blesta_forums/main/index/

already did mike, hoping we can purchase the forums soon for use :blesta:

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9 hours ago, timnboys said:

you need to get a "charger" what do you mean mike? I am not in the uk like paul so I don't understand what you mean by that.

What Paul said my MacBook Charger broke so I needed a new one so I've ordered one should be here 4-5th April so I can finish the beta.

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Fixed two main bugs I had today.

- Fixed the permissions on viewing the account information:

---- If a staff member is logged in and the the staff ID isn't on an account it shows up as not registered.

- Fixed the staff account connection.

---- If a staff member is logged in the staff ID didn't attach to the user account however this now works:


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3 hours ago, timnboys said:

so how is development going mike? haven't heard anything on development and when we are able to use it on our own blesta installation yet mike. Got anymore development updates? 


Hopefully soon mate just need Beav's help and a bit of time off work haha.

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So I've been a bit busy on my time off, doing bits I can. I've also had help from @timnboys who has been adding features like locking a thread and staff only permissions as he needs them for his own personal forum as-well. So added them to the forum whilst I've been working. But this is what I've done:

Forum Index:


- Purple Arrow: Now has the last poster (Will link to their profile - I've still got to fix the updating the username and UID to the table).

- Violet arrow: You can see the colour of the client group and the link goes to their profile.

Member List:



Updated User profile:




Still got a lot to do to tidy that page up so the comments have the main thread title (I'm having errors grabbing the title.) Maybe limit the characters per post on the profile so a big post doesn't overflow.

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Latest update: Colourful names on the forums in the categories.


Dark Theme:


Light theme:




You can get a beta from my website: https://blesta.store/forums and click free trial.

You can also get a beta trial from https://cubedata.net/forums and click free trial.


Enter the license key in license_key.php inside the blesta_forums folder inside plugins.

See: https://forums.blesta.how for the tutorials and guides.



PS: You can now set-up colourful category backgrounds. Just put two color hex's in: #xxxxxx #xxxxxx


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