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Project Management Plugin

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Turn your Blesta into a Project Manager for your staff members and your clients, you can either create projects for internal use or you can use our module and allow clients to order projects - and tasks.

This Plugin Requires IONCUBE

To install the Plugin Simply upload and extract the Blesta-Project-Managment-V*.*.*zip into your Blesta Main Folder and then complete the installation from the "Settings" within the Admin Control Panel.


Features :

- Projects

Keep everything together in one central place, files, discussions, tasks, and avoid unecessary duplication into 3rd party systems

- Time Tracking

Time can be logged against tasks, tracked automatically with a start & stop timer on a per admin or staff basis,Assign tasks and track time for all your staff members

- Task Tracking

Create Task Lists to track each stage of a project, with the ability to mark items as complete and see at a glance how much is outstanding

- Track Due Dates

- Bill for your time Or Bill Monthly, etc


Reports allow you to review projects, time worked, and other statistical information

- Custom List Statuses

- Create your own custom Task Status, on per project basis

- Custom Email templates and Notifications


You can Order the plugin Here : https://manager.systemfreaks.com/order/main/index/blesta-plugins

Demo : Coming Soon


We would like to add more features in this plugin so if you require any extra feuature or integration do not hesitate to contact us!



edit task.png

projects view.png

time log.png

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Get 20% OFF Project Management Plugin for Blesta https://www.systemfreaks.com/blesta-project-management


Blesta Project Management V1.0.5 is now available!

What's new in 1.0.5

This version features iCal synchronization (sync), and minor bug
Requiring Tasks
Multi-Currency Support
Active timer is now using the same timezone as Blesta
Fixed spacing issues with task-project descriptions
Improved Search and Paging

Coming in 1.0.6

Order Module - Requiring/One time Billing for projects
Admin widgets
PHP8 Support

If there is a feature that you would like to see in one of our
plugins, do not hesitate to contact us!

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