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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All, I am proud to announce that first release of Blesta-Cerb plugin. What is it? This plugin enables Cerb integration with the Blesta clients to create, update, reply, attach files and close tickets in the native Blesta client interface. This plugin replaces the built-in Support Manager with Cerb. Why do I want it? What is it good for?: If you receive high volume of emails or helpdesk tickets then replacing Blesta’s helpdesk for Cerb’s would increase productivity and reduce time spent answering emails. What is it not good for?: If the Blesta bui
  2. UPDATED 09-05-2018 - Add an extra option on Suport Manager Pro in Plugin manager to showw All Companies Tickets. By default only shows the selected Companie Ticket, you can change it now to show all. Thanks to WebhostingNZ.com (not testes 100% because we dont have MultiCompany to test it ) - Optimised code. Removed some CSS and Javascript that was duplicated has latest Blesta alredy include in CORE - Some minor changes in Ticket Replay on Admin side to better display Notes, Replies, Logs UPDATED 15-03-2018 - Merged all Support Manager 2.12.0 Core compatible with la
  3. What is blesta contact form? Contact form plugin for Blesta is the best solution to receive messages from customers right to your email address(-es). It's a clean and simple, secure, plug-&-play contact form. The contact form has fields for Name, Email, Subject and Message. For added piece of mind this plugin also allows you to add a google reCAPTCHA. The contact form plugin has user friendly interface, so it should be relatively easy to use for most users. The contact form plugin can be installed with multi companies each company can use different email address(-es) and google reCAPTC
  4. Hello All . @Licensecart has request me to do a simple plugin to fetch client data and include it in your Html Template. The Plugin Is Available in Github https://github.com/Blesta-Addons/Client_Data Blesta Plugin That Allow Dev/Themers Get Client Data Info As Json Response , then they can use it in their Template or Plugin . This Plugin didn't need install, just upload the folder client_data to plugins and you are ready to go . Not all request should be Done Via Ajax , a direct call will return a blank page . Example of Requests : 1 - For Tickets, the last e
  5. (Updated 14-04-2015) Hello to all blestars Here it is the Third Release Candidate for Blesta Live Chat 1.0.7 Here it is the "Biggest" update ever made for "Blesta Live Chat" Plugin with a new clean design (I will try to update screenshots next week) Atention: To use this you have to uninstall your old "Blesta Live Chat" Plugin, and install this one. Unfortunately this cannot be "Auto Update" because I have made an huge modification and also add the Lastest, most stable "livehelperchat" from github (https://github.com/LiveHelp
  6. Blesta: Janitor Small Blesta plugin to automate cleaning of abandoned orders, invoices, and services. Installation Download the latest release version from our releases and then simply upload the janitor folder to ~/plugins directory on your Blesta installation. How it Works: Janitor creates two cron entries which can be configured both by the cron settings and by the direct plugin settings. All of the plugin’s settings are based on the time the order was created. It may be important that you not cleanup and cancel at the same interval if you expect the orders to be marked as cancel
  7. Getting the following error after upgrading to Blesta v4.0.1 Fatal error: Class 'SupportManagerController' not found in /home/omnia/www/support/plugins/support_manager/support_manager_kb_controller.php on line 11 Not sure what is happening here. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hello! Is there any way to customize/add onto core features directly from plugins without having to actually edit the core files? I need to add additional functionality to the invoicecreate form, but would if possible keep everything about the plugin in the plugin code and not splash it around in the core. How do you guys resolve this issue? Swapping out core files with modified ones on plugin install? Thanks! /Wandros
  9. Hello! I'd like to know if there is any way out of the box to differentiate if an invoice is created by the system or a staff member via the interface. I'm building a plugin which needs to know wether the invoice that triggered an invoice.add event was created by the system or a staff member. Thanks! /Wandros
  10. @Naja7Host helped show me how to get this working and this is what he did to achieve it: Folder structure: - plugins --- count_tickets --------- count_tickets_controller.php ------- controllers ----------- client_main.php ------- models ----------- client_tickets_model.php ----------- count_tickets_model.php If you just want to download the files and not do it manually you can grab them from: https://licensecart.com/public/count_tickets.zip
  11. I'd like to add a tab to the logs page under the Tools section for a plugin I'm building. Is this possible? What's the best way to go about this? Are there any plugins that implement this that I could look at? I noticed the PHPIDS plugin implements a logging system, but it keeps its logs under its own management page rather than adding them to Tools>Logs.
  12. Hello everyone! We are thrilled to bits to announce that our offer is growing again! An absolutely fresh product has been released, thereby opening a whole new spectrum of advantages for Blesta users. OpenStack VPS For Blesta has been designed to yield a wealth of ease to the provisioning and management of virtual servers. You will be allowed the possibility to control all server aspects in a strict manner. At the same time, your customers will be able to order VPS products tailored finely to their needs and manage them right inside your Blesta accordingly. They will be able to monitor ser
  13. Today we want to offer our official Blesta Development services in the forum, We offer a professional, and customized service, with a lot of happy clients in the forum! If you are a recurring/previous client of our services, you can get a special price! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ Our Services ------------------------------------------------------------------ ★★★ Theme Integration ★★★ We can convert and integrate and customize your actual theme or template to a Blesta Theme. Starting From: $49.99 ★★★ Theme Design ★★★ We can m
  14. Hi guys! After a little break, we are back! ModulesGarden is proud to announce a double release of extensions designed specially for Blesta! With our brand new products you will be able to expand the possibilities of your system and integrate with world-famous providers: Zendesk and GoDaddy! Our first (actually the second ;)) module called plainly Zendesk For Blesta will let you manage and respond to all your tickets directly in Zendesk. At the same time, your customers will be able to send and control their tickets, enriched with several interesting Zendesk features, straigh
  15. A plugin was developed that allows for services to have their packages reassigned to a package within a different package group. Typically services can only be upgraded/downgraded to another package in the same group, this allows it to be assigned to a package of a different group. The plugin will be included, but not installed by default, starting with 3.6.0 BETA 2. To install: Download reassign_pricing.zip Unzip, and upload the reassign_pricing directory to /plugins/ Go to Settings > Company > Plugins > Available and click to Install This will add a new item under "Account
  16. Hi, We are specialized in web application development, and we have an extensive experience in Blesta Billing Software. Our Services & Pricing: - Custom Development For Blesta - Request a Quote - Blesta Migration Services - Request a Quote - Blesta Theme Integration - Starting at $29 USD, Order Now Testimonials: Payment Methods We accept (Visa & MasterCard Credit & Debit Cards, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB & Paypal), Money Order & International Bank Transfer for larger payments. Have any questions ? Please do not hesitate to submit a quote req
  17. I find when a plugin install, this navigation link name seems Fixed in database plugin_action table. It doesn't look very friendly.This can cause multiple languages to be invalid when language change if exist multiple languages. And one plugin not permit create More than one client navigation links?
  18. for example,support_managepro plugin. when staff reply it will send a email to this client,i need to capture this event and send a sms? At the same time,when service Expire system would send a email, i need to send a sms Together. Is there a way to do this? Thank you.
  19. 1: Can i user Record->select() method in plugin's controller? if use $this->Record->select()->from("clients"); then this page return 500. or this need to add some use("") ? Or can only be used in the plugin's model to database query? 2:How can i use API to achieve some plugin's method or model function? 3:I want to custom plugin's page title. THS!
  20. hey guys, any chance of anyone trying to develop a Synergy Wholesale module, i think this will be really good for us in Australia.
  21. i'm coding a plugin , and i want this plugin to add some extra tabs in my module . is this possible ? i have looked at the event , but really i have not found a solution . my modules has some tabs (for admin/clients) i want to make the plugins add extra tabs (templates also) to the module .
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