Blesta 4.4 Released

November 6, 2018 | Posted by Paul

Blesta 4.4 is now available! New configurable option field types for text, textarea, and password. Easier addon service management, image thumbnails for tickets, a markdown editor, payment type overrides, three new extensions and much more!

Download 4.4

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See the documentation for details on how to install or upgrade.

What’s new in 4.4?

  • New config option field types: text, textarea, password
  • Markdown editor where markdown is supported
  • Client payment type overrides for credit card and ACH
  • Improved addon service management
  • New Modules: cWatch, WHMSonic
  • New Gateway: GoCardless
  • Upgraded TCPDF, reduced file size of invoices and added new fonts
  • Upgraded client area and front facing pages to latest Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Improvements for PHP 7.2

See the release notes for everything.

A big shout out to KnownHost and Comodo Cybersecurity for sponsoring development for items in this release.

Sponsored development is a good way to support Blesta and get a shout out for your company! Interested? Reach out and say hello.

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