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  1. 2 questions 1) "this Module require a the Pro (Silver) subscription" What does this mean? - Your Pro subscription costs $25 - This module costs $25 Is the total to buy this module $50 ? -------------------------------------------------------- 2) Term and Price - 1 Year @ $25 USD Does the module stop working after this period of time? Is this the support time?
  2. Where did they say that? Two posts above they just pushed it off on hosting panel! Softaculous worked with WH*CS for their module. (Yes, I posted there too!) This is not something for cpanel or plesk or directadmin ... ect to do.
  3. Wow! Really?! I was half joking with the posting comment. Lighten up. But now that you fired off comments like that ... - "You never asked if there was a module for softaculous," This is what the whole (short) thread is about! It doesn't take much to figure out what I meant. Yeah I asked that ...a few posts above if you re-read the whole thing (which isn't too long). You even quoted it and replied last year. This is exactly what I meant by "just posting". - "If you wish I can boycott your posts like a few other members" Pretty rough. But that's OK, I can take it (Unless we start deleting stuff like the competitor's forum)
  4. Mike, do you post just to post sometimes? The thread is about a module to auto-provision a Softaculous installation from Blesta when an order goes through. Does one exist?
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    Nothing from this?
  6. Does anyone know if Softaculous ever created this module?
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