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Found 10 results

  1. I am migrating an account from a DirectAdmin server to another. But after choosing the new server and clicked Save button, Blesta shows error: The password must be at least 5 characters in length Which password then? Both servers have long passwords. That user has a long password. Advice, please?
  2. Hi I'm using DirectAdmin and in order form for when I'm creating new hosting plan I need to input: - Domain - Username - Password - E-mail I'm wondering how can I replace "e-mail" filed with email from client profile (I don't want to allow clients to use different email for creating hosting plan). I assume that I need to edit DirectAdmin component or I need to update order form with this value? Any hint/direction for solving this will help me
  3. Hello, I have issue with order form and direct admin module. Issue is with choosing username for client (username can be max 6 characters) and client don't receive notification if he choose 9 or more characters. I'm not sure where to put validation for order form, can anyone tell me what file I should check about this issue ? I think that this is order form file, but I'm using direct admin so I'm not sure is it module or form and where is file where I can put validation (regex). Thanks in advance
  4. I'm having issue with directadmin module, I configure it and when I try to add service for client (manually) I'm receiving this error: Check picture in attachment From blesta logs I can see this (I have only input no output): |createUser a:8:{s:6:"domain";s:12:"domain12.com";s:8:"username";s:4:"tija";s:6:"passwd";s:12:"lozinka12345";s:7:"passwd2";s:12:"lozinka12345";s:5:"email";s:30:"lXXXX1299@XXXo.com";s:2:"ip";s:14:"195.XXX.XXX.XXX";s:7:"package";s:4:"free";s:8:"password";s:3:"***";} Any hint where can be issue or how I can debug this error is it in directadmin or blesta ?
  5. Hello, I set my setting to automatic setup but order show in pending list so I manually try to activate it and I am getting a error: Cannot create user using those settings I am using DirectAdmin. Thanks.
  6. So I've tried googling but most comparisons are out of date about which hosting panel is the best. I currently use cpanel cause that's what my provider gave me. ive been thinking about bringing it all into my owned server to take back control and know where mine and my clients data is stored and trying towork out what best to use? So between cpanel, intraworx, direct admin and parallels let me know your reason behind your choice too cheers!
  7. It seems the number of accounts in each DirectAdmin server is not updated in Blesta. It's always 0 / ∞, or 0 / xx. It seems being a bug, unless I missed any setting? Thanks.
  8. I moved one account from one server to another one. Now, I need to update in Blesta. But it seems in "Manage" options, there is no option for that purpose. Do I miss anything? Thanks.
  9. Please allow customers to change password with DirectAdmin module. Thanks.
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