New Module: Multicraft

June 3, 2014 | Posted by Paul

Multicraft is popular Minecraft game server control panel, and today we announce the beta release of Multicraft for Blesta, a Blesta module.

Watch the video below, and then scroll down for more details.

Where can I get it?

Multicraft for Blesta is in beta, and available for download in the forums here. The module will be included in our next major release, version 3.3, and is compatible with Blesta 3.2+.

Download Documentation

What does it do?

The module allows the creation, cancellation, suspension, unsuspension, and management of Minecraft servers through Multicraft. Here are some of the client management features:

  • View Server Status
  • Restart Minecraft Server
  • Stop Minecraft Server
  • Start Minecraft Server
  • Set Server to Day Time
  • Set Server to Night Time
  • Set Server Name (If allowed)
  • View Connected Players
  • Kick Players
  • Server Console
  • Log in to Multicraft

Configurable Options

Aside from the many options available at the Package level, this module supports 6 configurable options as well. These can be used for customizing the checkout process, allowing customers to select options that override the Package settings. The options are:

  • user_players – Allow the owner to set the number of players in Multicraft
  • players – Allow the client to select the number of players as a quantity slider, or dropdown menu and charge per-slot
  • memory – Allow the client to select the amount of server memory as a quantity slider, or dropdown menu and charge for memory
  • daemon_id – Allow the client to select the Daemon ID, useful for offering servers in different locations, ie “Los Angeles”, “Dallas”, “Miami” which would correlate to Daemon ID’s in those locations
  • dedicated_ip – Allow the client to order a Dedicated IP address
  • jarfile – Allow the client to select the Minecraft server JAR file. For example, default Minecraft, Bukkit, Tekkit, etc.

All in all, this module is powerful and flexible. Be sure to read the documentation to get started.

Blesta 3.0: Packages (video)

October 19, 2012 | Posted by Paul

Packages in v3 are very similar to packages in previous versions, with a lot of additional functionality. The goal in redesigning packages for v3 was to facilitate addons, allow for quantities, provide for better organization of packages, and support specific pricing in multiple currencies (Rather than relying on currency conversion, which Blesta can do too).

A few notable items..

  1. Limited quantities supported! If you only have 100 of them, when they are sold they’re gone.. no more orders can be placed.
  2. Package Groups are new, Standard and Addon. Addon groups can be assigned to Standard groups, making their packages available as addons to the packages within them.
  3. Addon packages are just like normal packages and can be provisioning. An addon for an “extra 10GB disk”, could make an API call to add the disk space, without any staff involvement, assuming the module supports it, of course.
  4. Prices can be specified in multiple currencies. Set a 1 month term to 10 USD, and a 1 month term to 8 EUR and the client will be invoiced the price in their preferred currency, whatever that is.
  5. Package emails are no longer combined with the welcome email template that contains account registration details. A package welcome email is sent out separately when the service is created, allowing for more flexibility and control over service creation emails.
  6. Cancellation fees have been added, which are assessed if a service is canceled early.

The video is below, as usual you can make the video full screen, and be sure to turn on your sound!