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Found 11 results

  1. wmac

    WHMCS Migration errors

    Using the import module and debug enabled got the following error: Array ( => Array ( [format] => Please enter a valid email address. ) ) so following the instructions replace the Input.php with this line in isEmail public static function isEmail($str, $check_record = true) { return true; } now the email address was corrected but now have a new error as an invalid userID I have researched but could not find a fix for that, let me know if somebody has. thanks
  2. corianito

    Import WHMCS

    Forgiving the translation, I'm Spanish and I use google translator. After whmcs changes in prices, I am looking at other options. Is there something to transfer the contents of whmcs to blesta? My version is 6.3.1 whmcs
  3. is there any tools to migrate from whmcs to blesta ? we have 30 000 clients on our whmcs on monovm.com regards
  4. I migrated my data into a trial version of Blesta using the Import Manager, I have the eNom module installed and configured, I've created a package group called "domains," and I've set up a package for each TLD we need in the domains group. Now I'm trying to figure out from the documentation how to get my clients' domains set up. Most of my clients in WHMCS have at least one domain registered. They didn't make it in the migration as services, so I guess I need to set them up manually; however, I don't see any way to do it and make the next invoice coincide with when the domains are due to renew. How is that done in Blesta?
  5. Hi Im getting the following error: importMisc ----------------- decrypted 0 values using WHMCS' custom algorithm decrypt took: 0 seconds total time took: 0.5836 seconds Array ( [error] => Array ( [0] => The import completed but the following errors ocurred: [1] => importContacts: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'client_id' cannot be null on line 124 [2] => importTaxes: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [3] => importCurrencies: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens on line 124 [4] => importInvoices: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [5] => importTransactions: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [6] => importPackages: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens on line 124 [7] => importPackageOptions: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [8] => importServices: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [9] => importSupportDepartments: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [10] => importSupportTickets: There is already an active transaction on line 163 [11] => importMisc: There is already an active transaction on line 163 ) When i run the importer i have followed the following guide https://licensecart.com/whmcs-blesta Thanks
  6. Hello Everyone, I am using WHMCS 6.x right now and interested to migrate to Blesta 3.6.1 I followed MD's guide : https://licensecart.com/whmcs-blesta to migrate. Also i have required php extension on my server. It did import clients, invoices, transactions but didn't import staffs, packages or services at all. Small Note: I didn't stopped whmcs and cron during import process. So guys, what can be the issue for this ? If MD's with me why i am posting this, because he has other things to do beside helping me and i wanted to check it out with others so it became easy for both of us.
  7. Hello Blestars To raise the mood hover here I ask all your "FREE" opinions about the Blesta VS WHMCS For me is: Blesta Advantages - Blesta is Secure - Blesta is Well Coded - Besta lets you see 99% of code for you to make changes - Blesta team is Friendly and Open to sugestions - Blesta Comunity is great and help each outher, most of the time for FREE - 99% of Modules/Plugins/Extensions made by developpers are FREE - Blesta is Mobile Ready - Blesta have some of the best Plugins outh there like cPanel Extended (V1/2), Blesta Online Chat and Admin Tools from naja7host - Blesta Order Forms are very clean and eye pleasent - Blesta Client Area, is one of the best looking outh there - Blesta is EU Ready (need some small improvments) - Love to be able to Bill unlimited by Day/Month/Year - Love to be able to make a bill by Hour Blesta Disavantages - Blesta needs some EU improvments on Invoice/Orders (Store on DB Client Details for TAX proposes) - Blesta needs some EU improvments on Invoice/Orders/Services (be able on first page to select the Language/Coin and auto fetch the correct TAX for that Country) - Blesta needs some improvments on Domain Module Setup (be able to set diferent prices for Register/Transfer/Renew) - Blesta needs some improvments on Domain Module Setup (be able to set auto prices for 1 to 10 years to quickly deploy) - Blesta needs some improvments on Domain Module Order Pages (be able purchace more clearly a Domain with Hosting and Hosting With a Domain) ------------------------------------- WHMCS Advantages: - WHMCS as an huge list of Modules/Plugins - WHMCS as an huge forum members that help each outhers - WHMCS eams solid product, but in realitty... WHMCS Disavantages: - I dont trust WHMCS since it got Hacked more than once - WHMCS code is bad (we dont know how bad because we cannot see the code, but was hacked more than once because of the bad coding) - WHMCS let down a lot of Clients including me (im still using untill I finish some modification on Blesta) - WHMCS is limited to what it can do, but dont do a bad job. Its works but with patches - WHMCS and cPanel are doing a really bad JOB, for me was a very bad decision on cPanel buy 49% shares of WHMCS, and now cPanel is trying to integrate WHMCS (yes I have notice they are slowlly adding WHMCS to it, and if they do I quicly Switch for exemple to Interworx) There are more and more to tell from Blesta VS WHMCS, please share your mind Blesta needs more "LOVERS" "Blesta needs you!" Thanks to all, PV Blesta VS WHMCS
  8. Hello Everyone. We have installed and configured cron automation beofre we realized that the Import Manager will be use pre-cron. Please is there anyway to redeem this situation? We need to import clients, products and knowledgebase to Blesta. Thanks. Private
  9. http://www.billingbrawl.com/ Blesta vs WHMCS. I think we know who is going to win. Start with Round 1 and work your way up the page. What do you think? Favorite lines? Too harsh? Funny?
  10. Hi, I am right now using WHMCS and I want to move to Blesta becuase it has open source and I need some modifcations doing which I cannot do in WHMCS. I had also installed the trial version which is going to expire very soon. I just want to know how do I setup Blesta so my clients can register, order domains / hostings by themselves ? Right now all I see is a login page and no reg. link, no order nothing. In WHMCS its all very easy. How do I setup blesta ? I am using Resellerclub for domains, cPanel for hosting and Paypal and 2Checkout for payments. Thanks.
  11. Since Blesta doesn't support CDG Commerce, I'm going to have to do some payment shuffling before migrating from WHMCS. Naturally I want to inconvenience my customers as little as possible. If I set up the Stripe module in WHMCS using offsite storage (all card data is stored only with Stripe, leaving only tokenized data in WHMCS), will Blesta import the tokens during the migration? Or will customers have to re-enter their card information after moving to Blesta?
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