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4.2.2 Nginx Installation


Hi All,

I'm coming back to my blesta project again after a long time away.

We are now on v4.2.2 and my previous method of getting blesta working on Nginx no longer appears to work.

I have removed Blesta's .htaccess file from the Blesta root dir, now I'm redirected to this...

I think the fix for this used to be...

Next, update /lib/init.php and make the following change:

// define("HTACCESS", file_exists(ROOTWEBDIR . ".htaccess"));
define("HTACCESS", true);

but this line no longer appears in /lib/init.php

so is there a new fix for this or is this no longer needed and I need to do something different or am I way off and have missed something else?


Thanks all :)



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The equivalent of the change you mentioned would be to update /core/ServiceProviders/MinphpBridge.php and change:

$htaccess = file_exists($rootWebDir . '.htaccess');


$htaccess = true;

That said, I have not tested this with Nginx and am not sure whether this will work for you.

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