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Found 12 results

  1. mukesh

    logicboxes error

    error show on logicboxes on bottom when i edit prices and other for a domain in module using logicboxes error shown i attached a screenshot
  2. Hello All Again . Logicboxes Resellers Manager this plugin allow you to manage your sub-resellers of logicboxes, and you can centralize your work wittout leaving blesta admin side .. with this plugin you can: 1 - Create, Edit and View Sub-reseller 2 - Add Funds to subresellers 3 - List all your subresellers. 4 - Check wich subreseller has a matched account in your blesta . Add Funds For Sub-resellers You can add funds for any subreseller, registered in blesta or not , you can also add invoice with charged amount to the client or any client id . Create Sub Reseller from client profile, you can create sub reseller account for him with a simple click . Create Widget, Admin Widget in client side and admin client profile, and if the client has a sub-reseller account, a new widget added to thier dashboard, showing the available amount with the last transactions . the plugin is PAID with a small fee of 19.99$ yearly . Order Link Plugin page Screen Shoot . Sub resellers list view Client Profile Admin widget Admin Add funds page Client Widget Dashboard Best Regards
  3. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    output error: https://httpapi.com/api/customers/search.json {"recsonpage":"0","recsindb":"0"}
  4. Logic boxes: how can set renew/transfer prices in packages for domains if not set customer can order with promo ?
  5. I need an improved logicboxes module for blesta. It should have the following features: -Pull the full list of domains I am offering from my resellerClub account -Set the prices for Registration, Renewal, Transfer and Restore to those I have specified in my ResellerClub control panel so I don't have to set the prices twice - once in Blesta and once in ResellerClub. Basically, that's it. I am looking forward to your responses.
  6. Hello, I've created domain registration package & group. But can't able to add domain registration option with hosting packages. Need help with documentation. And please suggest me how can I add domain availability search box on home page templates (logicboxes).
  7. Hi, I've a domain reseller account on resellogy.com which is using myorderbox (supersite) & foundation api. I tried to linked my domain reseller account on blesta logicboxes module. But showing the following error though I've whitlisted my IP: The reseller ID and key combination appear to be invalid, or your LogicBoxes account may not be configured to allow API access. Registrar Name: Resellogy Reseller ID : ******* Reseller API: ***********
  8. LogicBoxes Extended LogicBoxes Extended For Blesta is a module created specially for LogicBoxes API to enable you to automate the provisioning and management of domains in your Blesta system. With its help you will be able to set up your TLDs & gTLDs with just a few clicks to start reselling them to your customers right away! Features: Edit All The Contact Information (Whois) Change Name Servers Set Forwarder Set Child Name Servers Get Authorization Code Change Authorization Code Ability To Sell Private Whois (Using Options) Automatic Synchronization of Expire Date for Transfered Domains DNS Manager Versions: Update 1.0: First Version Released. Update 1.1: Optimized for Blesta 4.0. Update 1.2: DNS Manager NOTE: If you want sell "Private Whois", you need add a Option like the following screenshoot. Screenshots: Download: LogicBoxes Extended is available in the Blesta Marketplace for only $49.99 per year or $199.99 one time and you can order here https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/32-LogicBoxes Extended
  9. I checked the change log, but it seems the LogicBoxes module still doesn't have functions such as synchronizing expiry date, private whois. Is that true or I am still missing something?
  10. After the new big release of Blesta V4, I have to say that is awesome to know that you update your code to support PHP7 and make changes to the composer and the Mass Mailer option that we needed; but I want to know why you are not paying attention to what our community needs? I think all of us agree that we need a better system for the Domain Management, is something that is very complicated at this moment and we have, to be honest, is a complete disaster. Knowing that most of the user of Blesta are business involve in the hosting industry, I think this will need to be considered top priority but is not. Today I invite you guys to let us understand why this feature that we need urgently is not being taken into consideration. All of us here I am 100% have custom modules or plugins that we develop to get around all of this lack of functionally blesta don’t offer. Is incredible that after 1 – 2 years asking for a better system we still waiting for blesta to come with a new system. We saw a little light in the darkness when Paul address this Domain Manager issue on August 22 -2016 but we are on March 19, 2017, and after seven months nothing new about this matter at all. We heard that in 4.1 Maybe this will be considered but is something we need right now. Blesta, please hear us!!!. We loved you so much but we can’t be together if you don’t change. *This post reflects only my personal opinion.
  11. Hello, Originally my client's domains were imported from a previous version of Blesta. However, the order id. etc. was not present against my client's domains. Therefore, I deleted and re-added my client's domains and Blesta then successfully retrieved the order id etc. and now I can see the nameservers and whois data against my client's domains. Having done this a while ago, yesterday was the first occasion that a client has since renewed their domain name, but it did not renew. Blesta closed the invoice and extended the "date renews" for the domain name, but the automation task "Process Service Renewals" hung and did not succeed. By this morning the "Process Service Renewals" automation task has now freed itself, but the domain name has still not renewed. Incidentally, I had this problem before I deleted and re-added my client's domains - but I put it down to the fact that the domain was trying to renew without any order id details, hence the reason for the "Process Service Renewals" automation task hanging. There is no entry in the module log. Is there anyway to work out what the problem is please? Thanks!
  12. I use logicboxes. No one can order a domain name when they are on a handheld, iphone, android (and connected to any isp). Everything works fine from desktops on various ISPs. The page returns "that domain is not available" on every name entered and on every extension entered on the form. Anyone else have this problem or has solved this?
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