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Fix for: There are one or more cron tasks that have been executing for more than 60 minutes.



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On 9/15/2016 at 9:05 AM, sunrisepro said:

Instead of running cron jobs through Blesta can I setup the cronjobs manually instead?

You can setup a cron job to run all cron tasks or only a specific cron task. You can run a specific cron task by updating the cron task URL to append the name (method) of cron task you want it to run, e.g. Setting a cron task path to "/path/to/cron/createinvoices" would run the "createinvoices" cron task only.

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I assume you have setup a cron job already, correct? It is very likely that 1 cron job is already setup which runs all tasks. This is the behavior we recommend when setting up a cron job, and what is described in the documentation.

The alternative I mentioned is to run each task individually, where each task is started from a separate cron job.

If you continue to receive this message on the System Status plugin:


There are one or more cron tasks that have been executing for more than 60 minutes.

..then I would suggest:


If a task stalled, it will attempt again in 6 hours. If the issue is caused by an error (e.g. some run-time error), you could remove the log for the offending task and run the cron again manually with error reporting on so you can determine the error and resolve it before the task runs next time.


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