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  1. "In February it will definitely be released to the public." coff .. coff .. coff... ...
  2. Hi belive cyandark is going to finish asap the module, and i'm sure if it's not finished yet it's because he's having some troubles/bugs to solve. But he should keep us updated about what's going on. When he ask for help i was one of the first to say "i will donate" and he reply "i will finish in 24 december" well... we are 1 week before carnival...in february 2018 and almost no words, nothing. For me the worse is lack of communication. And that's a bad signal... really.
  3. cyandark, mate, wassup with the module? Are you building a new entire OS?... :-)
  4. Hy Cyandark. Wish you a GREAT 2018 for you with health and good projects. How is cPanel extended module? Almost prepared? :-)
  5. K'mon people, let's help cyandark achieve is goal. If we are serious about our commitment to our customers we need to have great tools available for them. cPanel Extended is a great piece os software that help all our customers do their jobs in a much easy way directly from their client area. Your contribute is essential to help cyandark doing great software for the community. There is no free launch. 25 bucks is a pack of beers. Just drink water this weekend and help our friend.
  6. Just made my contribution now. Wish you great great success!
  7. Cyandark, are the campaign active now? Can you share the link so we can start funding? :-)
  8. @lampard make no mistake. Blesta without the plugins that people like @Blesta Addons and cyandark is putting constantly in the market had much much less value as a piece of software management for hosting companies.We cant say thanks enough for the amount of energy, money and inspiration that these guys put in their modules and plugins that they create for we, the Blesta users and many of them for free, or with donation. Honestly i can't imagine working on a daily basis without the cPanel extended Module from @cyandark or the modules and plugins from Blesta Add ons and that they put constantly outside.
  9. We don't want to use the blesta cPanel module. It's like having a "Limited Blesta". The experience of using Blesta is enhanced when used together with cPanel Extended Module. cPanel extended is a very very powerful module and we know that our customers love the fact of having all their informations in one place. No way we are going back ;-)
  10. Hello Blesta users, We need to import all our existent users/customers from WHMCS to Blesta. We also need that they are able to manage their services directly through our client area in Blesta with cPanel Extended Module. My question is: since we are importing current existing customers, are they going to be able to manage their accounts in Blesta client area (and using all functions available in cPanel Extended Module ) or are we only able to use blesta with this current imported customers for invoicing and anything else since their account was created in WHMCS and moved to Blesta? We really appreciate any suggestions you might have to deal with this question.
  11. I will be very happy to help and i'm sure many others Blesters too. This module is absolutely necessary and fundamental. With cPanel Extended our clients only need to login in their clients area and do their stuff from there. No need to go through cPanel and several differents logins. One place, all the informations they need. Cyandark start a crowfunding campaign and tell us how can we contribute and please keep me updated about this.
  12. Hi Blesters We have been using whmcs for many years and since a few months ago we start using blesta and so far we love it and pretend migrate all our customers from whmcs.. One question we have, and is making that we don't make the complete switch is an affiliate plugin. We have a few affiliates in whmcs that bring us every months quite a few sign up's and we really need something like this. I was wonder what you use for your affiliate programs?... Any feedback will be much appreciated. PS: @Blesta Addons why didn't you develop something like this yet?... I'm sure it is something many people will need and buy.
  13. Hi Blesters, We are having a problem when a client try to login in to his client area: https://floxera.com/shop/client/login/ For a reason we don't understand now we are getting this blank page... we can login in to the admin, made all the necessary management but when trying to access a client area we get this. Some suggestions that might help? Thank you!
  14. @Paul i didn't open a chargeback dispute from paypal because i am sure he has already enough troubles and i don't want to be +1. I appreciate all the help, the constant contribute and let's not forget that Michael ALWAYS went the extra mile to help other users here. Even if i think sometimes he's a little bit rude, not polide, he mixes politics opinions with business and that it's not good at all for everyone here. But that's how Michael is and i accept that fact. What i can't accept at all is the fact that he disappeared, doesn't say a single word, our licenses are suspended and was the clients that told us: "hey i can't install WP. what is happening?" And after a few support tickets we realize it was OUR problem. Our fault and we were not aware of this. That is a break in the trust that a customer has on us, and is a story with a very very sad end between us and Michael.
  15. It's not only Michael that disappeared. It's the ALL team from Licensecart. Why does the other guys from the chat support doesn't answer? Why does the team doesn't take care of the clients requests? Was this a one man band? What is happening is beyond Michael. It's the all Licensecart system that is falling apart. We has just renewed our licenses with Softaculous directly. Their opinion in the support about all this was: "Move on. Licensecart is over". We did!
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