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Workaround for different price for order and renewal


I mostly sell web-development services with hosting and management included.

For example: A web design costs $100, and then the user is billed $30 every year as a renewal. I've found a nice workaround for this: Setup $70+$30 yearly = The user pays $100 the first time, and then pays $30 every year, as I want. Perfect!

I also offer the chance for paying me 50% in advance, and 50% at the end of the work. So, the user at the order form pays $50, then pays $50 when I finish the site, and then $30 the next year. I've also found a nice way to work on this: The package costs $50 (30$ + setup of $20) and then I manually invoice the remaining $50. As I don't have a large volume of customers, I can clearly manage this manually with no issue.

But here comes the issue. My most demanded pack is the cheaper one, and I have an issue. The cost of renewal is higher than the signup cost. So, for example, if $30 is the yearly renewal price, in this particular service, the user pays $15 at the order form. Then pays $15 when the work is done (manual invoice), and then $30 the next year. And for this, I don't know exactly how to handle it.

I don't need a custom plugin or something like that, as this only affects one or two packages of 8. But I would like to have some way to handle this. My issue is the following: I want to use that package for renewals and suspensions. So I'm forced to set the yearly price at $30. The only workaround I found is to create a package with only a setup cost of $15, and then, after the other payment, manually create a service for the hosting package. But this creates two issues for me. The first is that I have to manually create two invoices and a service. And also, this messes up my accounting a bit, because the service creates an invoice for the first year, which I have to void or mark as paid.

If this is the only way to have it, so be it, I'll adapt to it. But if there's a better way to handle this scenario, I would love to know how. Remember, I don't need to have everything automatized in Blesta, I don't have an issue creating invoices and bill them manually. But I would like to have the package assigned at the moment of signup for cpanel automatization purposes.



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